Monday, 21 February 2011

NYC Fall 2011....the best bits

Fur, leather and seriously sleek silhouettes,they've firmly made they're mark.Mary Kate and clever little buggers.

No jewellery, no accessories, just Vera at her best. Pleated chiffon mixed with just the right amount of leather and luxe

Cool, effortless and chic. 3 words I'd use to sum up Proenza. Although their print on print designs and ballsy attitude this season may not be to everyones tastes, it will certainly brighten up those dull winter days. Watch this space...
Oh Wang, Wang, Wang. Soft tailoring in blacks and nudes.Dress him up or play her down, either way...its beautiful.

He is what he amazing designer.Red carpet dresses at the ready. Lets count how many times we see these 3 lovelies this season. starting...NOW

Valanne x

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